Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Social Media - Chat During COVID 19 Lock Down

Hi everyone, hope things are going well with you. Seems like chat, to be more precise ‘chatting’, has become more helpful in how to spend or use your spare time at home due to COVID 19 Lock Down; [Coronavirus]. Ofcouse there is abundance of information floating around.

Folks have started to suggest to their friends on what best to do and how best to justify sitting at home. Like do courses. Or perhaps join hobby sections et al.

What have you been doing? Zoom chat has become popular - this is Video Chat where group individual chat is feasible. So though you are at your own home you can still see and talk with each other at same time.

What's more, virtual happy hour also goes on thanks to Zoom. Do you have anything to say?

I get the feeling people may have connected more with people this time than what they usually did ofcouse via Social Media.